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    Coding Dreams
    Into Reality
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    Beautiful Applications
    We provide top-notch software development services to all our clients.
    Bringing their ideas and vision to fruition by giving them the best work team.
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    Hybrid Apps
    All The Way
    Whether its games or apps we develop for maximum platforms.
    Increasing platform affinity and reducing cost for development.

Our Services

We believe in providing commendable services to our clients, promoting strong professional relationships and keep them coming back for more.

Mobile Everywhere

We create stunning mobile apps and games with HTML5, Javascript, SCSS, Cordova, Ionic, Supersonic and Unity3D .

Web without spiders

Providing complete web app solutions using latest and fastest techs like AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Mongo, Azure, Jasmine and many more .

All things Magic!

From development to automation to deployment.We use YeoMan (including Yeo, Bower n Grunt), GIT, Shippable and Pivotal Tracker .

Quality and Speed

Delivering fast, maintainable and clean code which allows you to change development teams effortlessly and avoid paying any technical debt .

Latest Projects

  • Evernym

    Reach everyone in your group, no app required.

    GROUP NOTIFICATION, PERFECTED.REACH EVERYONE IN YOUR GROUP, NO APP REQUIRED. Each person gets your message how they prefer: Email, SMS/Text, or this powerful app.
    "KNOW THEY KNOW." Know who got your message, and who didn't, in real time.
    AUTOMATIC ESCALATION. When some don't respond, Notifier can automatically re-send your message, try different methods, and even try other people, until everyone is notified.
    NO MORE GATHERING EMAIL ADDRESSES AND PHONE NUMBERS. Your group can manage that themselves, and keep it completely private.
    NO ADVERTISING. We do NOT scan or read anyone's communications, we're not even in the advertising business.

  • Oye Flappy

    Get a taste of the desi side with this awesomely unique desi flappy game.

    Flappy bird knock-off made with Unity3D. Showcasing the "desi" style and theme which brings a breath of fresh air.

  • OneChat

    Where people are nice and just want to have a chat.

    Do you like to socialize? Do you like to chat with strangers? Then OneChat is what you are looking for. Here people are nice and just want to have a chat.
    Warning: The "Stranger's Room" is highly addictive.

  • Prayer Reminder

    Get reminded for your prayers

    The Purpose of "Prayer Reminder" is to remind and automatically calculate Prayer timings and register notifications for it. It has the ability to detect online location and make specific adjustments for each prayer time calculated. There is also a snooze feature for reminding prayers.
    The "Prayer Reminder" has an OFFLINE version too, indicating Prayer Times of all 7551 Cities of the world. The latitudes and longitudes of the all the cities are maintained offline so you don't need an internet connection.
    You can also change your location and register prayer timings in other countries.
    The application also has "Prayer Settings" feature through which you can adjust prayer juristic and calculation methods.

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About Us


  • Our Mission

    We believe in providing commendable services to our clients, promoting strong professional relationships and giving them a reliable work team.

    As a provider of business solutions, OuzelSystems seeks to deliver the products and services required to support the strategic objectives of our client organizations, whether Front-end or Back-end solutions. We seek to use our expertise in Information Technologies to provide world-class solutions to meet our client needs.

  • Our History

    OuzelSystems was founded to counter the gap between Information Technologies and today's business requirements.

    Simplifying professional Business Solutions to our partners has allowed us to increase our activities with improved quality over a very short time. OuzelSystem is now advancing ahead in the fields of Mobile Applications, HTML5, Database Managements, Online Business applications, Search Engine Optimization, Networking, Artificial Intelligence and Web Oriented solutions.

The A Team

We love it when the plan comes together!

Sameer Ahmed Khan
Co-founder & CEO
Syed Abrar Ahmed
Co-founder & COO
Zohaib Ahmed Shakir
Co-founder & CTO
Shakir Ghani
Co-founder & CFO
Saad Ahmed Siddiqui
Software Architect
Muhammad Abdul Moiz
Software Developer
Jahanzaib Arshad
Software Developer

What People Say

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"
~ Michael LeBoeuf

Timothy Ruff
CEO - Evernym

"We would not be where we are at if it was not for OuzelSystems. They are not just good developers, they are very good men and they are good friends."

Jason Law
CTO - Evernym

"Of all the offshore teams I've worked with I only recommend you guys to others when I have to. You are articulate, well educated and I really enjoy working with your team."

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Block 5 Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan

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